Re: Show Notes (Sorry)

I apologize for still not having the show notes up. Even though approximately 0 people read these (but for maybe Adam), I’ve been trying to fake it ’til we make it and even if no one is in the audience, it’s still unprofessional and undisciplined to not have had it done by now.

Working in a school, I can take my few minutes of downtime here and there and try to set the show notes up, but I’m constricted in my ability to work on it when the title of one movie and poster for the other are sex-themed. Not the sort of thing you want to be caught putting together in a school. I might have done it yesterday when I got home but I laid down for an after-work nap, supposed to be 50 minutes long, and didn’t wake up again until 8pm. I knew that if I got out of bed, I’d fuck my sleep cycle harder, so I wound up staying in bed until my normal wake-up time this morning for a total of like 14 hours.


I’ll absolutely have the show notes up today, and I’ll be working to edit the next epsiode with the goal of having it out a week from the last episode’s release. More or less. I think I’m going to aim for Wednesdays to release, because it will mean that once we catch up with our releases, I’ll be able to record on Sunday with two days of time to work before it has to go out the door. As long as I can focus my attention, 2 days should be more than enough to edit the shows. Now that we’re a little better at talking on mic, I shouldn’t have to fiddle about with the levels or cutting dead air nearly as much as I did when we were newer at this.

Anyway, show notes today. Pinky promise.

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