I confess that I am nothing but a bundle of biases and that my interest in the picture waned on finding out it was a musical; I also admit that my interest then waxed on finding out the music was written by members of Cincinnati indie band The National. I wonder what my opinion would have been had I not known that. Would I have appreciated the music as much, or listened to it less closely?

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Theatergoing in 2022

Last night I went to the theater for the first time since the Winter omicron surge began. I had been waiting to see the new Spider-Man picture until the crowds had died down some. The experience strengthened my resolve to earn my way into a highly paid field like software or web development just as quickly as I can, because that is the only way I will ever be able to afford the kind of home theater that will save me from the experience of going to a cinema in most cases.

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