Brian’s Exploratory Christmas Endeavor ’21: The Family Stone

The Family Stone - Rotten Tomatoes

My mother has been asking me to watch this film for years. Of course, the year I finally did, it was because my other mother decided to put it on in the middle of a very busy living room, and with me sitting at perhaps a 20 degree angle from the television. I am fully committed to re-watching the movie, but for now, take this review with a grain of salt: I was literally incapable of giving this movie my full attention.

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Brian’s Exploratory Christmas Endeavor ’21: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (2014) - IMDb

Whether he was always this way, or whether it was a psychic defense mechanism Cameron evolved in order to exist as the Born Again Christian he became as a young man, Kirk Cameron’s singular defining trait is that he must always be the one who is right. In any situation or argument, he knows better than you do, and in fact, that is probably why he started talking to you in the first place. And while you’re speaking back to him, he’s smiling, nodding, arming his next arguments, and waiting for you to stop so that he can illuminate you on how he is actually the one who is right.

And he is so enthusiastically that way that he made a 78 minute movie about it.


Brian’s Exploratory Christmas Endeavor ’21: A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

You know what? This (as movies like this go) could have been a lot worse. As a Christmas movie (the standards for which are very low, you’ll no doubt recall) this is entirely adequate. But they really missed their golden opportunity to call it a Christmas Tail. That’s something they can never get┬áback.

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Brian’s Annual Exploratory Christmas Endeavor ’21: 8-Bit Christmas

A pile of people form the shape of a Christmas tree.

From my Letterboxd account:

I think the greatest backslide in popular culture may be the internet age ushering in the arrival of “things you recognize” as a marketable, profitable subject for creative content. Few things gross me out, deep down into the pits of my soul and body, like being pandered to by some cynical company who thought (not without cause), “we can show these hogs a bunch of references to their glory days and they’ll open their wallets and shake out all the cash until there’s nothing left.”

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