Well, I’ve Got Good News and Bad News


Oh, goodness.

So, to start with, we thought the computer was back to good. I ran some cleaning software, freed up memory and storage, cleared caches, the whole shebang short of reformatting the computer (something I’d done less than a year ago). We sat down to record. We were going to let you know about our big new plans for the show, as well as record the final episode of the 2-movie-rivalry format. It worked really well, for about 42 minutes.

Then it broke, and hard.

I was lucky to find out that the .AIF files still existed in the project folder, and after converting them with Audacity, I expect to be able to return them to GarageBand and hopefully stitch together the Episode That Almost Was. We’re more than a little disappointed though, that it didn’t just work. Unfortunately, it seems at this point that we’re truly going to have to replace the hardware in order to bring the show back up to speed. And I will be doing that, but I won’t have the funds to do it until around late-September.

We want to thank everyone who has been paying attention to the show, and asking us about new episodes. Your continued interest is what keeps our hearts in it. That and our love for hearing our own voices and opinions.

Hopefully we’ll have The Episode That Almost Was cut together and released soon, and within the next two months get the funds necessary to purchase a new computer.

We’ll keep you posted.

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