GBU is over. For financial and logistical reasons I can’t guarantee the episodes will stay online much longer. To be on the safe side, download and back them up for posterity. If they disappear, it will be on or near 1 February 2018.

I am terribly proud of the good work we did on GBU. It was the first creative endeavor I’ve had in as long as I can remember that I committed to, and worked hard on, released despite my worries, and was genuinely proud to have made. I can say, honestly, that I love all the content we produced–even the rougher ones.

This isn’t the end of podcasting from me. I won’t let that setup rust. But it’ll be a minute before I’m re-organized and ready to start fresh. Once I do, I’ll look into a more permanent home for the old GBU content. But at least for now, it may become unavailable for an amount of time I can’t really predict.

37+ hours of released content spanning 32 unique episodes, covering dozens of movies. Nearly 2,000 unique downloads in over a dozen countries (for some reason). A 4.5 star average rating on iTunes (across 6 reviews!)

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Much love.


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