Yes, God, Yes

Yes, God, Yes (2019) - IMDb

I need to stop getting suckered by movie marketing. This film isn’t the comedy I thought it would be.

In fact, it is nearly as frustrating a thing to watch as is the time of life it portrays. I believe that is on purpose. This film features a low hum of constant conflict, sometimes punctuated by moments of acute conflict that actually move the plot forward. Most of the time, you will be watching close-ups of Natalia Dyer’s face, screwed up in inner conflict, while the people around her drag her and her reputation through the mud, and while it is very effective, I just think it could have used a few more jokes.

I am glad that American popular media is beginning to shrug off the ancient taboo about women’s sexuality. That is an act of growing up we and our movies have needed to make for a long time. Spiritually, I’m 100% on board with this film. I do not regret watching it. But I have no interest in a repeat viewing. It doesn’t have enough moments of impact, the ending doesn’t feel especially victorious. Perhaps it would resonate more with me, and get by on that fact alone, if I were a woman, or a Catholic, who had lived through something like this, but I am just viewing it as something of an outsider, and I found myself disappointed.

It is also frustrating that they cast a man to play the priest who looks so much like Dillon Francis, instead of casting Dillon Francis. You expect me to believe Dillon Francis was too busy? Because I don’t.


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