Season 3, Episode 5: Perfect Blue

I forgot to post this when the episode went up! But we talked about the Japanese masterpiece of suspense and identity crisis, Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue.

Brooke and I recalled enjoying this film an awful lot back in high school, but neither one of us could appreciate before re-watching it this October, just how intelligent and well-made it actually is. And we should have expected nothing less from the great Satoshi Kon.

Because I don’t have anything to say I wouldn’t rather you hear in the podcast, I will instead share a few thoughtful video essays about Kon’s work, including one by the legendary and now defunct Every Frame a Painting, perhaps the true progenitors of the video essay as we now know it.

And a think-piece about Perfect Blue by, to my mind, the preeminent anime video essay maker today, Super Eyepatch Wolf

This is a longer form one specifically about Perfect Blue by the excellent BREADSWORD

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