Season 3 Episode 7: ‘By the Way, Woody Allen is Innocent’ & In The Mood For Love

I give up trying to figure out episode numbers for this “season”. I may have to go back at some point and just re-number them all from scratch.

This episode’s first half will be a GBU test of loyalty, I’m sure, because the issue of the accusation against legendary director Woody Allen is something that everyone thinks they know about, and if they think they do, they don’t want to be on the wrong side of it. But I encourage you to approach this essay (documentary) by Ricky Worley with an open mind.

It is also very much worth reading this fascinating profile by Daphne Merkin in New York Magazine, about Soon Yi Previn, Woody Allen’s wife of two decades and frequent cudgel wielded against him by those half-informed pop culture consumers who are suspicious of his character.

With that said, and in case you have skipped the episode and the profile both, let me make very clear that the GBU crew, across the board, always intend to believe women, and that we support the #MeToo movement.

We also talked about Star Wars and I referred to this wonderful video essay by Rocket Jump, which you should watch…

When you’ve finished that particular thrill ride, I hope you’ll join us for the latter half of the episode wherein we finally, about five years later, review Wong Kar-wai’s jewel-toned masterpiece, In the Mood For Love.

A part of the director’s unofficial trilogy (soon to be tetralogy) with the also-excellent Days of Being Wild, this marks our third Kar-wai film on the show (we also covered Fallen Angels back in the day). Of the three, I think this is easily the best, and it is certainly the most stunning to look at. It is winner for the best use of color in cinema by the film-rankers over at Cinefix, whose video on the subject is, like all their top-10s, an absolute joy to watch:

Here are a few other interesting resources for In the Mood For Love. Here is a PBS Crash Course video…

And here is a behind-the-scenes look at the troubled production of the film…

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