Brian’s Exploratory Christmas Endeavor ’20: This Christmas

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I didn’t really like anything about this one. It felt completely joyless. The acting was fine, but I didn’t like or relate to any of the characters. I’m glad that Idris Elba’s character didn’t have some literal Come To Jesus moment, which I thought they were setting up.

It’s also weird to watch Chris Brown play the hero in something, given how he beat the shit out of Rihanna. This film took place before that incident, there appears to be more nuance to it than is commonly mentioned, I don’t know either of them personally or any of the gritty details, and it appears they are on good terms these days…but still, it just doesn’t sit right.

This movie could have taken place at any time of the year. It’s a “but I’m a singer, mama!” movie. It’s a “you owe those bad men how much?” movie. It’s a “you’re AWOL!?” movie. It’s a “you brought who home for dinner? And she’s pregnant!? movie. It’s another one of those films that is draped in Christmas scenery, but doesn’t have that Christmas cheer I’m always looking for. I don’t know. It just didn’t do a thing for me.

GBU Christmas-Adjusted Rating: 3/10

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