GBU Season 4, Episode 1: The Beginning of The End of Evangelion

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Well, we’re officially in over our heads here. We didn’t even manage to touch the plot of The End of Evangelion, and somehow we managed to fill an over-stuffed episode anyway. We get pretty philosophical this time around.

This is easily the most editing I’ve ever done on an episode of the show. I was thrilled that the Discord bot Craig could get me the raw audio of all of my participants, but what I hadn’t considered was that with everyone using different mics, and sitting different distances from them, and speaking with different vocal dynamics, I was going to have to manually trim every moment of the podcast, track-by-track. Even just figuring out how all of the tracks aligned together was initially very confusing.

I’m proud that it got done, but I’m not looking forward to the next one. As you’ll hear mentioned in the episode, we recorded this six or seven days before Christmas. I put off even starting on it for like two weeks because I knew that one way or another, it was going to be an absolute chore.

In the episode we reference the following excellent think piece on the Rebuild movies, and assuming you’re already familiar with them, you should do yourself a favor and make time to watch this.

We also mention Mandy director Aaron Stewart-Ahn’s excellent oral history of End of Evangelion on Polygon, which gives some added context to Hideaki Anno’s personal and production history with the show and film.

Stick around because there will be more to come, both about The End of Evangelion and about the subsequent Rebuild of Evangelion films, of which the fourth and final is not only out soon, but just got a new trailer (which I would avoid if you want to go in blind—it’s pretty crazy!):

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