GBU Season 4, Episode 7: Prancer

In a complicated minor Christmas miracle, I managed to get my mothers on the podcast this time.

This is as disappointing as it is exciting. I had planned to get Brooke, Emily, and my mom Celeste onto the show to discuss Prancer, my mother’s favorite Christmas film, and then to podcast with Adam and whomever else in a more general way about holiday pictures before Christmas itself arrived. As you may know, going back to the very first episode of the show ever released, Christmas episodes of the podcast are very important to me. The only year we ever missed one was immediately after Adam and I had a falling out.

I positively love that you can watch this entire movie on YouTube with the original commercials on some Chicago station.

Unfortunately though, schedules didn’t seem to be lining up, and then what’s worse, Brooke caught COVID. As of the time of this writing, I am fine, a fortunate near-miss, and Brooke, though she sounds pretty shitty, got her booster shot only a few weeks ago and claims that this is mostly just a sore throat, stuffy-sinus sort of situation for her.

This meant that I couldn’t record in the house—she’d just been there, and how noxious was the air? I couldn’t invite Adam over either. So instead, I packed up the entire podcasting studio into a rubbermaid bin, and took it to my mothers’ house to record in their dining room. I want to give extra thanks to Shawna for being a good sport and congratulate her and my mom both for having slid so naturally into their roles as podcasting cohosts. Many—most, in fact—people are too nervous the first time I bring them on to have much to say, but these two were great.

I hope the audience will listen and enjoy even if they don’t know or care for the film Prancer, because there is a lot of good content in this episode. Mom and I share a lot of funny and cringey memories from my childhood, and we all kick around what makes a good Christmas movie, the meaning of holiday nostalgia, and more.

I didn’t love what I was getting on the edit while trying to compress each track individually, so in the end I abandoned that plan and added a mild general compressor to the entire production. I’ve done this plenty of times over the years, and I never particularly love to, but it should be okay. If you find the audio particularly unpleasant, please forgive me.

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