GBU Season 5, Episode 3: Haggard: The Movie

The unthinkable has happened. GBU has officially crossed over with another podcast!

We want to give special thanks to Mike from the Something Awesome Podcast for joining us to create this hybrid show! You’ll hear his podcast’s awesome theme music, ‘VHS (Very Heavy Synth)’ provided by Stoat Krow Komedy starting the show, and our beloved death’s dynamic shroud’s ‘Tell Me Your Secret’ ending the episode as always.

We got to relive the glory of our cringey youth while discussing Finnish band HIM, their lead singer Ville Valo’s new solo project, the rise and fall of skateboarder and MTV badboy Bam Margera, and the cKy crew’s first feature film: Haggard: The Movie.

The Haggard trailer

There isn’t much else to say about this show, but there are plenty of fun resources to share. Have a little look at the kind of guys we were back then:

Your humble host and his teeny, tiny chin beard
Hand-drawn Deep Shadows jacket, a knock-off just like Bam made
Found a heartagram Santa hat on eBay
Cha Bamlike boi Mike in his HIMmy heyday
The music video that started it all for me (forgive the poor audio quality but HIM Vevo no longer carries this video). There was just nothing like this in the American music space at the time. Or really, ever after.
Following HIM’s conclusion in 2017, Ville Valo is now embarking on a solo career. His latest single, leading to the release of his first album, Neon Noir, is the very silly, but still catchy, ‘Echolocate Your Love’.

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