GBU 1 – Avengers: Age of Ultron & 8 ½

Wow. Lots of big stuff going on. The true first episode of the podcast has gone up, and soon you’ll find it on iTunes, where we have just been listed. I’ve also applied to get the show listed on the upcoming Google Play Music podcast section. Between these two, both iOS and Android users should have easy access to the show. The fastest way to find it will be by searching “GBU” in the appropriate podcast app.

Here’s the episode, with some behind-the-scenes notes to follow the links to stream and download.

Download MP3

Show Notes:

This was the first episode we recorded. I had wanted to podcast for years, and after I finally had all the hardware, I was having trouble thinking of a show to proceed with. Adam and I happened to be getting into it about our different tastes in film last summer, and he began pushing to just do a show where we argue about films. He then pushed me further, and after we’d exchanged a few quid pro quo agreements to watch different films, he said “let’s just do it, let’s just go upstairs and record right now.” And so without any confidence, but a fair amount of beer, we sat down and dove in for a four-movie recording that almost lasted for four hours.

We were initially passionate about doing all four movies at once but in the weeks that followed, we agreed that no one, anywhere, would want to listen to a 3 and a half hour podcast. So, the painful decision was made to split it in two. I didn’t really know what I was doing with the mixer, editing was long and grueling, and the show was failing to take much shape as I tried to cut it together. But that didn’t stop us from recording more. We learned by doing.

You’ll find that this episode doesn’t have the same sound quality as the Christmas special which we released first. There’s a long and boring, very technical story about how that happened, but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, that all the shows will sound that way. The quality of each episode gets better and better as we learn and refine.

We’re also very grateful to Ghost Diamond for letting us use their music. That helped immensely in setting the structure and pace of the show. Do yourself a favor and check out their music.

Intro clip: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Intro / Outro Music: 이상한 풍경 by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv (Ghost Diamond)
Break Music: VR Dawn by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv (Ghost Diamond)
Trailer for 8 ½

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