Apologies For The Delay

I had every intention of getting Episode 5 online this past Monday morning; I wanted to establish a structure of trying to get these out on Monday mornings, just to see if I could keep to a schedule. Apparently I couldn’t. I’ll try to correct that by having another episode ready to go next week.

This is a growing experience for me. This podcast is like the egg that you name and house for a week with your teacher’s initials penciled onto the bottom of it so s/he knows if you break it. Except I don’t get to turn it in. I have to check it in often and never break it if I can avoid it. And this metaphor only gets more complicated as I try to find a way to shoehorn in the monthly storage allotment I pay for.

Dropping the metaphor completely, I’ll put it this way: we’ve got precisely 2 weeks from this day (thank goodness for leap years, eh?) to fill approximately 3 episodes’ worth of space. So if I can get Episode 5 online today or tomorrow, and get Episode 6 (or some sort of bonus mystery content perhaps?) ready before next Monday, then we’ll actually be all back on track for the month.

Jesus, this is hard. It’ll be even harder once we have to buckle down and really decide upon, then lock into a consistent release schedule.

It’s also hard to believe how uncomfortable I’ve become with some of the show’s content since it was first recorded. I can’t tell you how many things were cut before the final episodes published. Episode 5 includes a minute or so of content that I was fine with the dozen times I previewed it last year, but which plays some part in why the episode is not out yet…because I had a lapse of confidence as to whether or not this is really something that belongs in an entertainment product, or if it just brings everything down too far. I’m just too close to it, I suppose. I can’t tell the good from the bad (or the unwatchable, HAH) or the entertaining from the disturbing anymore. I’m losing my mind.

At any rate, sorry again for the delay, and as a way of making amends, I’ll be penning you a freshly crafted Deadpool review.

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