Late Episode, Oscar Party

Yesterday was a real thrill ride.

Adam and I got together in the early afternoon to record the second half of episode 9 (or 10? I can’t even remember at this point); this was because it took me about a month to watch his pick for me, and we recorded the first segment when we could, and the second weeks later. This sort of calamity is still something we can get away with until the numerical episode releases catch us up. Still, I think it was a great segment (albeit perhaps impenetrable for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie in question).

After that was taken care of, we moved to the living room and put The Academy Awards on once it began, and goodness gracious, we watched the entire stupid thing. Four hours. Why, you could watch an obscure Japanese film about Christianity and upskirt photography in that amount of time! But Adam was glad to see Leo win; I wanted to believe they’d snub him again and let that joke keep playing itself out, but I didn’t realize who he was up against, and once I did I knew he was a shoe-in.

I for one (though I don’t think Adam really disagrees) was happy to see how many awards Mad Max: Fury Road racked up, and Adam who saw and enjoyed The Revenant was just as glad to see that movie earn its due accolades.

Not to get too hung up on it, but I thought half or more of Chris Rock‘s joking about the situation with the Oscars not nominating a single actor of color for the second year in a row were in very poor taste, and minimized the importance of the issue while poking fun at it in ways that didn’t always make the film industry the butt of the joke it so rightly deserved to be. But his material wasn’t terrible (again I can only speak for myself here) and if memory serves (it was very, very late) he did have some decent remarks to make about it toward the end as well as the president of the Academy who gave a nice speech at the conclusion.

All in all, it was a good night, but fuck them for dragging it out. Low-wage people like me had to be up for work early this morning; we don’t have mansions in which to sleep in until 9.

Now, about the episode release we missed. I don’t know if this will truly wind up being a weekly show or not. I think the stability of a recurring day of the week for a show to air is very appealing from an audience perspective; it gives something for one to look forward to and have confidence in. But on the other hand, I don’t know if, when we get these old recordings out in the world, we’ll be able to keep up with that kind of output. We just don’t have this information yet because we haven’t lived through it yet. I also find a little romance in the idea of releasing a product of quality when it’s done rather than trying to adhere strictly to a structured schedule. But that also runs the risk of getting very undisciplined and eventually wearing away at our work ethic. I just don’t know how it’s all going to turn out.

But I did have every intention of releasing an episode yesterday. Between recording and watching the Oscars, Adam was visiting for nearly 9 hours and nowhere within would I have had time to edit an episode completely; could’ve, should’ve done it over the weekend, but que sera, sera it did not happen. I was busy with other things, of which one was seeing Deadpool a second time, this time with my room mate, a fan of the character since we were in high school. And now that I’ve seen it once loaded with hype, had time to sit on it, and gone back to see it a second time I think I’m ready to re-write the review I was working on for the blog, and I’ll try to get that out soon as well. I’ve got some time-draining work I need to bring home and do for my job, so this is all up in the air but I’d like to try and get that missed Sunday episode out no later than Tuesday if I can, and the Deadpool review probably somewhere in a similar time frame.

I love doing this show, and I’m sorry that I’m not an especially disciplined person. Hopefully the show will shape me back into one, eh? Stick around and we’ll thank you heartily for your patronage.

2 thoughts on “Late Episode, Oscar Party

  1. Do I have admin access powers on this website? Can I post things? I don’t understand the process of making a forum avatar on this thing, which is also a concern. I’m old, and the world is frightening.


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