Play On! (Google)

Google Play Music has finally added podcasts to their app! Incidentally, because we use Libsyn, I found out only a few days ago that our show has been available via third party podcast apps on Android devices from the get-go, and don’t I feel like an idiot for not even checking into that…

But the point is, this feels to me like a second-round launch party sort of thing. Like, I should get streamers and cake because it sort of feels like we’re launching all over again (even though, again, the episodes were always available through apps like Podcast Addict). What does this mean for you or all your friends?

It means you can listen to the show at home or on the go if you have an Android device, baked right into your Google Play app. I’ll nab my room mate’s phone today and try to demo it. Google was quick to point out that the service is being rolled out to chunks of users at a time so it may not be available for you right this second, but if not, it certainly will be soon.

So please search for our show on Google Play, rate and review it there if that feature is available, and tell a friend (or all of them).

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