Super Sorry

I apologize to anybody waiting for GBU 12. I promise, it’s been recorded for like a month, but I’ve been so damned busy at work that I haven’t been able to get it finished. I work in a school, and we’re a couple weeks away from the end of the year, and the amount of stuff that has been put on me has been incredible. Make a “welcome to school” video for the inbound students next year; make a “goodbye” video so we can all agonize over the outgoing students; stitch together a musical montage for a dance routine in the talent show; pack up the classroom; draw 10 unique sketches for kids to remember me by…stuff just keeps coming up.

I had every intention of finally getting the thing out the door yesterday (Sunday, 8 May) but things don’t always work the way we plan them. Adam’s just moved to a temporary home while he waits for his dream apartment to open up, so he’s been indisposed as well, which has prevented, and may continue to prevent (until June) further recordings…but we’ve got two in the bank ready to go just as soon as I can make time to edit them.

I promise (the 0 of you reading this right now) that it’s all on the way, and that the show isn’t dying or anything. I appreciate your patience.

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