Sleepy Hollow

Sometimes you write a blog entry while thinking you’re connected to your college’s wifi, but you’re not, and when WordPress gets locked up trying to update, you mean to hit Command+A to select everything for copying, but you accidentally hit Command+W because you’re frustrated, and close out of your unsaved blog post, and you tell yourself there’s no fucking way I’m going to sit here and write that all again right now, which is also why you never finished Final Fantasy VII after you got stuck in the desert swamp with the Basilisk because you accidentally saved there, and you promise yourself that at some point you are going to write the post for Sleepy Hollow, it just can’t be right now, but you know in the back of your mind that there’s no way this post is ever actually going to get written, and you’re not proud of yourself, but you pack up your shit and go home because it’s been a long day.

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