GBU Season 2, Episode 12: Jacob’s Ladder

On Jon’s suggestion, and later vote, I was finally sat down to watch Jacob’s Ladder, the movie that, among other boasts, inspired the aesthetic and experience of the Silent Hill series. And what did we think?

Duh. This movie is a cult classic for a reason. It was simply superb. But you’ll hear more about that in the episode.

As for the episode, as ever we were beset on all sides with problems. The ongoing software troubles that a new computer could not solve and a recent OS update managed to exacerbate had me feeling completely hobbled when we sat down to record.

However, a chance post by some beautiful soul on the OBS forums led me to consider for the first time using Loopback (audio routing software I had bought for Skyping people into the podcast and still have not used for that purpose) as a work-around. And it was flawless. For my $1500 computer, my $199 Logic, and my priceless stress and swearing, it was some $99 third party software I bought because Soundflower was no longer supported when I checked a few months ago that wound up saving the day. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

We watched The VVitch with my new roommate and like, third or fourth oldest friend Brooke, and sat down to record a show about it with her before running into all the technical troubles. She had to get to bed, to get up early for work, and so Jon reverted to our initial plan (before everyone got here late) to record about Jacob’s Ladder, which he and I had watched Thursday night. I actually think this is one of the more thoughtful conversations we’ve had on this show about a movie, and I’m very proud of the episode.

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