GBU Season 4, Episode 3: Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions': Official Poster Teases the New Rooms  We'll Be Entering This Summer - Bloody Disgusting

Quick note: I mixed up Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas with Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron.

We saw a bad movie on purpose!

This show was long overdue. I’ve done some reckoning with myself about how I am living my life, and have decided to make more time for things which fulfill me creatively, including and especially the podcast. So I hope to declare an end to the drought of content.

My mother makes her first-ever cameo on this show. We try a new segment on for size, called Brian, Why? And, we explore Adam’s ever-evolving sexual journey!

We knew what we were getting into going to Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. I meant for us to discuss the state of movie theaters right now in a pandemic world, and to see something really bad. Since the showtimes were not accommodating (and even had they been, Adam was so reluctant), we would not be able to watch Cruella. No one was interested in watching Black Widow, and we couldn’t see A Quiet Place Part II because it was a sequel to an allegedly good movie, and I’d have preferred to see the first one before watching the follow-up.

Movie bad.

Escape Room, however, was not the kind of movie I believed I’d need or want to have seen before sitting down to watch its sequel. And lucky for us, the filmmakers knew that, and included a catch-up montage in the beginning to explain the highly complicated plot, which was as follows:

Ordinary people are abducted and put into a life-or-death series of escape rooms.

Ta-da! Anyway, we knew it would be bad, and I hoped it would be so bad it was enjoyable. While we did laugh at it, I’m still not sure it was a worthwhile excursion to the theater. It was, however, my first visit back to a mainstream theater since before the pandemic. I had gone to our local arthouse theater with my girlfriend after being vaccinated to see a much better film, The Father with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.

One other interesting detail I’ve only just learned is that both Escape Room films were directed by Adam Robitel, who was responsible for the highly-acclaimed The Taking of Deborah Logan. I’d say he’s got some explaining to do.

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