GBU Season 4, Episode 4: Star Trek: The Voyage Home

You really can’t watch Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home without first watching Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and you really can’t watch Star Trek III: The Search for Spock without first watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. To do so would be…iLLoGiCaL.

This wasn’t originally planned. I’m much more excited to tell you about the episodes we haven’t recorded yet, than to tell you about this one. We had plenty of fun recording this, but it was just kind of a lucky coincidence that Adam was even over at all. He’s got a crazy new art project he’s undertaking, and needed some assistance from me. And while over, I said, “wait. If you’re not doing anything today, and I’m not doing anything today…then why don’t we go record?” It was very Scooby Doo.

As for those other things we have planned, please consider the following: Brooke, Jon and I intend to record a show on A24’s The Green Knight, an adaptation of an Arthurian legend I read some time ago for a Brit Lit class at college. As ever, scheduling those two is difficult, due to Brooke’s new celebrity as a tattoo artist and Jon’s mysterious life as a late-night virtual DJ (or whatever it is that keeps him away from the Dayton Upstairs Recording Studio).

Besides that, Brooke is also planning to bring us a GBU exclusive and piece of harrowing investigative journalism, in her undercover deep dive exploring the secrets of Blue Beam Technology and Gold Beneath the Vatican, as told by her father. This audio footage was recorded and snuck out at great peril to her own life, which may in fact be put in danger by the mere mention of it. But we feel it’s too important to keep to ourselves!

Lastly, as far as immediate plans are concerned, is the practically ancient GBU plan to cover Suspiria and its 2018 remake, something Adam has wanted to do for some time now.

Also, I’m excited to say I’ll have a little more free time this season than I have had in some time, and so you can expect the return of the annual GBU Spooktacular (the old episodes of which you can revisit by checking out the post tag here, and apparently at least one old episode of which I still need to re-release!).

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