GBU Season 2, Episode 1: The Grinch

It’s been a long time coming, but The Good, the Bad, and the Unwatchable is back. If you’re a new listener, thank you. If you are an old listener who somehow stayed in the loop enough to return, thank you, Mom.

I had big podcasting ambitions about five years ago. I was still in my mid-twenties and hadn’t yet begun to panic about the likelihood of any of my amorphous dreams coming true. Then, more than anytime since, I was afflicted with this feeling that I could somehow hope myself into success.

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GBU 23 – IT


Here’s another belated post for an episode we did some time ago, but now we’re all caught up! We discuss part one of the remake of Stephen King’s IT, directed by Andy Muschietti and starring a bunch of kids alongside Bill Skarsgård. We have a special guest, and it’s all-in-all one of our best shows.

I’ll just spoil for you all that we didn’t make the cut-off for our Spooktacular Halloween episode this year. Sorry! But we’re still planning to get our Christmas episode out, and our next catch-up episode, recording soon, will include some of the horror stuff we were watching in anticipation of that Spooktacular.

GBU Summer Movie Round-Up

This semester I have gotten far off-track with the show, so I’m just now catching up with show pages and they’re going to be very slapdash.

After the Summer we came back and did a two-part catch-up show to talk about the various films we’d seen over the season.

Here’s part one:

…wherein we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, The Big Sick and Dunkirk.

And here’s part two:

…wherein we discuss War For the Planet of the Apes, The Dark Tower, and Baby Driver.

GBU 18 – Logan


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Adding guests to the show didn’t really complicate our production schedule until one of those guests HAD to appear for a review. We needed Jon, needed him to talk about James Mangold’s Logan, the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from the X-Men franchise of movies from Marvel and Fox. This excellent film also stars Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier and Dafne Keen as Laura. It took us two months to make it happen, but here it is.


I really fucked up this time, and I seem to be on a real streak in that regard. For starters, I called Stephen Merchant’s Caliban “Callorann”, the same fake name I kept wrongly using to refer to Scatman Crothers’ Hallorann way back in our GBU 4 review of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Then, I wrongly claimed that Dafne Keen was an American, and this was easy enough to cut out and save face. The Callorann shit had to stay in, and my ego may never walk again.

If it sounds a little loud, I have been experimenting with trying to find the perfect settings for our volume. It’s hard because SOME PEOPLESOME PEOPLE don’t know how to get on-mic and stay there. I also wish we could have fit a bunch of clips of the film into the show like we did with The Wrestler, but unfortunately Fox has got almost all footage of this movie locked down tight, and the quiet, less-than-ideal clip I used in the beginning was just about the only usable one online. I’d like to say we’ll have clips in the next two shows, but we really won’t, as they’re both foreign features.

Speaking of which, get ready for our next episode, which will come out in a timely manner two weeks from today: Elem Klimov’s Come and See, which we forgot to name-drop at the end of this episode.

Be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes and tell a friend if you like what we’re doing. And now, to put one more thing in, here’s the trailer for Logan if you’re somehow not only unaware of its existence, but somehow learning it from this obscure film review podcast’s even more obscure website:

GBU 17 – The Wrestler


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We’re back to discuss Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood.

I fucked it up again. Keegan*-Michael Key and Mike* Birbiglia, thank you very much!

There’s not much to say about this episode. It was in the pipe for months, and we finally recorded it. In fact, we wanted to record a show about the recently released Logan, but we need Jon on the show to have the best possible discussion of that, and since we couldn’t get him, we did The Wrestler instead. The Logan episode is forthcoming, though, and there may be another Wong Kar-Wai film coming down the pike.

Be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes and tell a friend if you like what we’re doing. And sometime between now and, oooh, two weeks from now, catch Logan while it’s still in theaters so you’ll be ready for our next romp into film review.