GBU Season 2, Episode 8: The Rocketeer

This was an awkward recording and you can hear it in every cringy moment on-mic. I thought about pretending that wasn’t the case, but in the spirit of living up to the Candid Podcast name (which means less than nothing, by the way) I figure, let’s just come out and acknowledge it.

Early in the episode I cut Kayleigh off while she was trying to make a point. To my mind, I was just being conversational and interjecting, but I clearly overstepped, and you can savor the awkwardness through your earholes. Then, we spent a half-hour taking polite dumps all over a movie Jon really loves and wanted us to love too, and it’s a thing to behold if you’re into absorbing other persons’ discomfort.

We got together on Saturday, 27 April, on an afternoon when I was feeling pretty shitty about the way life sometimes goes, to watch and discuss Jon’s choice of film, Disney’s The Rocketeer. I think, as in the Shazam! episode, you can hear my malaise throughout the recording. Oh, well.

The Rocketeer is a movie I’d type a little more about if I hadn’t gotten drunk this evening as a poor coping mechanism for dealing with life. This is a post I might eventually sneak back to edit when no one is looking, and make it a little more respectable. In the meantime, let’s just be glad there’s a post in the first place.

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